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In the name of protecting the public at large or for whatever reasons, I have to strongly disagree. 
Blocking the blog after it has notched nearly 30 million page views does not only seem like an afterthought, it smells like a cheap aftershave too. 
If the blogger has indeed violated the laws of this land, have the cojones to go charge him in court and face the wrath of the Rakyat :-! Former Attorney-General Gani Patail did (and look how popular he is today with the anti-Najib crowd). 
Gani didn’t just charge Syed Akbar, he also took RPK to court (and perhaps a few other bloggers I don’t remember or know of in those heady Mahathir vs Abdullah days)!
p.s. I’m assuming that this is the evil work of our authorities. I stand corrected – there have been cases of perasan (full of oneself) bloggers who’d shout government clampdown when it was just a malware attack. 
* From MCMC’s official site:

Some Questions For The Salafi / Wahabi Braders And Maybe For The Candidates For Mufti FT

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Non Muslims will find this to be plodding. You can skip if you wish.
Christians who know the Bible may find this interesting.
Muslims do read this – even if it is plodding.

I thought I would raise some questions and points on this lazy Wednesday for the renungan of the brader-brader salafi / wahabi and maybe for the interest of any of the possible candidates for the position of the FT Mufti.

1. Ke mana perginya kesemua khutbah Jumaat nabi / Where have all the prophet’s Friday sermons gone?

They say that :

the Prophet was born in 570 AD.

his mission began in 610 AD. He was 40 years old.

the Israʾ dan Miʿraj happened on 621 AD (the FIVE daily prayers story).

The prophet was 51 years old.

The Hijrah to Madinah took place on 623 AD. The prophet was 53 years old.

Upon his arrival in Madinah the prophet built the first mosque ie the Masjid Quba. Hence the first Friday sermon was also held at that Masjid Quba in 623 AD.

The prophet died in 632 AD at age 62.

In the nine years (623 AD – 632 AD) after he built the Masjid Quba and till his death in 632 AD there were 468 weeks (my mistake earlier).

Where are the complete records of 468 (at least) of these Friday sermons?
Where is the full set?

The Sahih Bukhari does not have a complete record of all the prophet’s Friday sermons. (Selain khutbah jumaat pertama dan terakhir).

How come the Sahih Bukhari does not have the full set of all the prophet’s Friday sermons? The salafi / wahabis are ready to condemn people and even sentence people to death based on the Sahih Bukhari. Surely Friday sermons are extremely important. So where are the complete records of ALL the prophet’s Friday sermons?

2. When Bukhari died he did not leave behind a complete book or fully compiled edition of the Sahih Bukhari.

There is no such thing as the original version of Bukhari’s book written and compiled by his own hands. The most widely accepted version of the Sahih Bukhari was compiled by Ibnu Hajar Askalani who died in 1449 AD ie 450 years after Bukhari.

So there was no original version of Sahih Bukhari written by the hands of Bukhari himself. Can anyone explain this?

3. The Quran does not say that the Torah / Taurat was revealed to Moses / Nabi Musa. The Quran says that Moses was given a book ‘Kitab’ or ‘Suhuf’.

Sila rujuk Surah 17:2 “wa aataina musa al kitaaba” – “dan Kami telah memberikan kepada Musa al Kitab”.

Sura 87:19 ‘suhufi ibraheem wa musa’ – the ‘books’ (suhoof) of Abraham and Moses.

There is no direct mention that Moses was given the Torah / Taurat.

There is no mention of Moses and the Torah together in any verse in the Quran.

The Lies And Bullshit

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I have been asked to post this. Someone else wrote this.

The lies and bullshit in favour of Anwar Ibrahim
By Group of Concerned Analysts

It is amazing how some seemingly respected Chinese and Indian writers, blogs and politicians behave like mercenaries (being paid well or promised to be taken care of?) or can they be that stupid and ignorant when writing so much bullshit in favour of Anwar Ibrahim.

They, with the collaboration of some biased foreign media, love blaming everything on Tun Dr Mahathir (TDM) as a convenient scapegoat and bogeyman.

They accused TDM as the trouble maker for the recent change of government and for not handing over the premiership to Anwar fast enough (as though the position of PM belongs to Anwar).

If not for the role of TDM, the old kleptocratic regime would not have fallen.
PH won because of TDM and not because of Anwar
Have you forgotten that Anwar led Pakatan Rakyat in 2013 AND LOST
And now in 2020 the instant TDM resigned the PH LOST POWER.
On his own Anwar cannot win.

There was no written agreement on the timing of the so-called handover.
Only a perception cooked up by Anwar and his supporters (including some foreign media) to hand over the premiership to Anwar in 2 years or 3 years.

There was no promise in the first place.
Until today Anwar cannot show that so called written agreement.
Hello Anwar supporters, if you have such an agreement isnt it way past time for you to expose that documet?
So why do they keep harping on this and accusing TDM of not keeping to the promise when there was none in the first place.

(OSTB : Oops !)

Even now, these sore losers are still talking about it.
It’s such a joke because the government has changed again.
Can’t they see now that Anwar is history?
He has lost so much credibility.
He has no realistic chance whatsoever of becoming prime minister ever.

During the recent political manouevrings, Anwar again showed his true colours by misleading PKR, DAP and Amanah to nominate him as PM through his bluff that he already had enough MPs in his bag.

Anwar has done this before.
Have you forgotten that Sept 16 promise which he never delivered?
Recall that Kajang Move?

Anwar just loves to mislead people that he has enough MPs in his bag.

Indian MP Says There Is Brain Malfunction??


Mahathir Mohamad, the 94-year-old Prime Minister of Malaysia (Mahathir Mohamad), has been making rhetoric against India one after the other to prove that he is no longer functioning in a normal mental state.

From being reluctant to send Zakir Naik to India, to remove Section 370 (Article 370) from Jammu and Kashmir and now on the Citizenship Amendment Act, they are making unnecessary and unauthorized false statements against India. Malaysia is neither a neighbouring country of India nor does it have any complications with India, yet they are not deterring from their antics.

Mahathir Mohamad questioned the need for citizenship amendment law and said that ‘when everybody in India has lived together for 70 years, then what was the need of this law’. He even said that ‘people are losing their lives due to this law’. Now someone should ask him, ‘Do you know the A, B and C of this law?’ He does not know nor is he trying to know anything about this by calling the Indian Ambassador in his country.

But who can control his tongue. Does he know how India is grappling with the issue of infiltration? But once understood, Mahathir of Malaysia has once again commented on India’s internal affairs. Who has given him the permission? Mahathir Mohamad is saying,

“I am sad to see that India which claims to be a secular country is taking steps to take away the citizenship of some Muslims. If we do this in our country, then I do not know what will happen. There will be chaos and instability everywhere and everyone will be affected.”

Mr. Mahathir, do you know that the citizenship amendment law will not take away one’s citizenship?

He is saying what will happen if his country passed such a law. There is a need to understand his statement.
In a way, he is also warning about 3 Million Indians of his country. He should apologize publicly for making the said statement. The whole world knows that Indians settled in their country are considered second class citizens. Their temples have been continuously broken. Then, Mahathir Saheb keeps shamelessly silent.

You will remember that Mahathir Mohamad had a lot of trouble even when Article 370 was abolished from Kashmir. Then he said in the General Assembly of the United Nations that India has occupied Kashmir.

Nowadays he is seen standing blindly with Pakistan. He has emerged as a new close friend of Imran Khan. But in Pakistan, from Shia Muslims to Ahmadiyas, Qadianis, Hindus, Sikhs and Christians are oppressed along with the society, then their tongue gets stitched. Why then does he become silent?

Due to these actions of Mahathir, business relations of both countries are being affected. Palm oil accounts for two-thirds of the oils used in food in India. India imports 9 million tonnes of palm oil every year and it is mainly from Malaysia.

The Indian government may also prohibit other things including palm oil imported from Malaysia. If this happens, the economy of Malaysia will sit. India has also sent strict messages to the Government of Malaysia for restrictive action.

“The Second Thing He Asked Was Why I Supported Dr Mahathir ??” Huh ??

OutSyed The Box

Hi folks, here are two interesting news items. One is very relevant.


T. Thomas support for secular state not reason rejected by King, said Dr M
Several other reasons
allegations Thomas represented Guan Eng in corruption case, not impartial AG
Thomas was Lim Guan Eng’s lawyer

Thomas also represented Barisan Nasional leaders.
Dr M said follow the law
“We do according to law and Federal Constitution
King act on advice of govt he said.

We are holding on to our principles he added.
Article 145 (1) of the Federal Constitution states that “The Yang di-Pertuan Agong shall, on the advice of the Prime Minister, appoint a person who is qualified to be a judge of the Federal Court to be the Attorney-General for the Federation”.
My comments :
That was easy enough to understand.
Tun Dr Mahathir always speaks simply, clearly and precisely.
Everyone can understand what he is saying.
Dont you all agree?
Now here is another news item :


ANWAR Ibrahim said he visited Malay rulers

to debunk notion Pakatan did not respect royal institution

(Huh? Whose notion? Who said Pakatan does not respect royals?)


he assured sultans Pakatan not under thumb of Chinese-majority DAP

I told them not to worry because govt not under DAP


(Huh? “not to worry”?? In the first place, what is there to worry? Arent DAP also the sultans’ loyal subjects. The DAP are also citizens of Malaysia. They have done a good job in Penang. Plus PKR, Amanah and PPBM have 71 seats. DAP has only 42 seats. Kipas satay ke brader? DAP better read this carefully.)


no attempts to eliminate power of rulers Anwar said at Abim event

My intention clear, to explain PH govt’s policies said Anwar at Abim HQ


(ABIM ? Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia ?? Why ??)

Country Comparison – Malaysia Versus ‘Islamic Republic’ Of Singapore

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I have heard my friend Tan Sri Zainuddin Mydin say many times that he admires Mr Lee Kuan Yew for having built a very successful nation.

1. Singapore is an economic powerhouse. The wealthiest nation on the surface of the earth – in terms of per capita GDP.

2. I believe that Singapore is also on its way to becoming a powerhouse of culture and the arts. Because that is what happens once you are rich. When all your basics are well taken care of, you will have the time, the interest and most importantly the capacity to focus on the finer things in life.

3. I also think the Singaporeans are beginning to focus some energy on competitive sports. This is one area which did not interest Mr Lee Kuan Yew. He saw no benefit in competitive sports. (I recall reading it in one of his books). But that was his view.

4. My view is that Singapore’s greatest success is in creating a Singapore nation. Singaporeans seem to have a Singaporean identity. It is still a very Chinese centric society but you cannot avoid that – Chinese form 70% of the population.

5. But the average Singaporean does seem to share many commonalities. There is an ‘average’ Singaporean. I know that the Singaporean Chinese do not identify with Chinese from China or Taiwan. Singaporean Indians definitely do not identify with Indians from India. And Singaporean Malays actually look down on their cousins in Malaysia. And in Singapore even the mamaks are ultra kiasu.

Malaysia does not seem to have Nos. 1 to 5 above. We had a ‘Malaysianness’ during the time of Dr Mahathir. But over the past 12 years this has been going down the hill. Here is a look at Singapore by some writers. My comments are in blue.

Singapore and the Asian Century

The city-state has a potentially vital role to play in the West’s engagement with Asia.

By Gabriele Giovannini and Emanuele Schibotto

February 19, 2015

When, on August 9, 1965, Singapore became a sovereign state following its expulsion from the Malaysian Federation it was, without any doubt, a poor country. Yet only four decades later, the former British colony boasted the second most competitive economy in the world and a per capita income higher than that of the U.S.

OSTB : In the same four decades we almost kept up with Singapore. Then we made some suicidal mistakes. Do read on.

The financial guru Jim Rogers told the CNN in 2012: “I have moved – I have sold my house in New York. I have moved to Asia and my girls speak Mandarin, speak perfect Mandarin … I’m preparing them for the 21st century by knowing Asia and by speaking perfect Mandarin…It’s easier to get rich in Asia than it is in America now. The wind is in your face. The U.S. is the largest debtor nation in the history of the world. The largest creditor nations in the world are China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore. The assets are in Asia. You know who the debtors are and where they are. Look at Greece. Look at Spain. I mean, I don’t like saying this. You know, I’m an American, too. But facts are facts.”

But why Singapore and not, for instance, China? What role does the city-state play – and what role will it play – within the so-called Asian Century? What does the country represent for the West in coping with its decline in favor of an emerging East?

Professor Kishore Mahbubani explains, “Singapore has been able to exercise regional influence by generating good ideas.

For example, Singapore noticed that while there were strong Trans-Atlantic institutions like NATO and OSCE and strong Trans-Pacific institutions like APEC and EAS, there were no strong institutions linking Asia to Europe. This was clearly a missing link. This is why the former Singapore Prime Minister, Goh Chok Tong, proposed the idea of an Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM). I was then the Permanent Secretary of the Foreign Ministry of Singapore, and I made several trips to Europe to try and persuade Europe to adopt this idea. Fortunately, France was the first country to support this idea. Since then, ASEM has taken off. ASEM has also established the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) in Singapore.”

OSTB : Dr Mahathir took us in the same direction. Despite ‘Buy British Last’ we ended up trading more with Europe, US and UK than ever before. We opened up new areas of trade with China, Japan and Taiwan. Even Russia became a major business partner.

Then after Dr Mahathir left in 2003 the morons ramped up the “pro camel herders” policy.

They started courting Arabs who had nothing to offer. The Arabs had no science, no technology, not even proper civilised behaviour to offer us.

(If you dont believe me about their lack of civilisation please catch the next flight to Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Lebanon, Egypt etc. Buy a one way ticket). As long as it was the Middle East (now expanded to Central Asia) the morons became excited. The ‘halal’ connection.

The GLCs began courting the Middle East, ‘halal’ tours opened up to the Middle East and Central Asia (To go and see what? Camels?)

Instead of getting closer to Japan, to China, to Europe, to the US, to Singapore where real progress was and is still being made, we surrendered our otak to the Middle East connection. Semua nak jadi Arab.

Now thousands of young students, almost all Malays, are studying in these Allah forsaken sh*t holes in the desert. Learning all types of stupid behaviour and foolish ideologies.

And all this while what did Singapore do? Singapore got closer to the real “Islamic countries” ie Europe, expanded trade and business with Japan, China, the US and the rest of the world.

What did we do? Well our young kids are now volunteering to “jihad” with the ISIS.

If the Police did not do such a good job of arresting all these confused kids, I think the whole state of Johor or Perak (figuratively speaking only ok, jangan marah) would have left the country for ‘jihad’ in the Middle East. Lagi senang ‘pendatang’ beli tanah dia. Semua orang dah tak ada dah.

The confused “majority” is now spinning the tale that that 14 year old girl was on her way to Egypt to get married !! Ya ke? Kursus kahwin camno?

Then after that what? Honeymoon under machine gun fire in Syria? Or honeymoon before suicide bombing mission in Iraq? This community is doomed.

From this line of thinking it emerges quite clearly how Singapore has a potential role that goes well beyond its material capabilities. Nonetheless, the very foundations of its political and social system are closely related to the necessity of being open to the outside world in order both to assure survival and to achieve development. In the view of its founding father Lee Kuan Yew, in fact, global interconnection, education (especially English proficiency), and a harmonious society were the three milestones on which a promising future could be built. The policies that were adopted began to show results from the early 1970s, enabling the country to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) from leading multinationals such as Hewlett-Packard, Motorola, Hitachi and Siemens.

That was Lee Kuan Yew’s genius.

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