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Apa Malu ! Apakah Orang Melayu Makin Sedar Siapa Musuh Yang Sebenarnya ? Time For A Truth Commission?

“And you and I know that it will also have to be the Malays and Muslims who will have to work to get these political pariahs into the dock, to be tried, convicted, and incarcerated if there is to be any hope for our nation to survive past 2020.”

BIG BIG DISCLAIMER : I HAVE RECEIVED THE FOLLOWING VIA WHATSAPP. The writer is listed as  “a_ez k_an ali” from aloq staq.  The date says this is from 18th January 2021. So I believe this has been going around. I am not the writer of this piece. I do have my comments at the end. 

Apa Malu!


*18 January 2021*

aloq staq

a_ez k_an ali

Selamat Pagi Malaysia

*The Malays are a broken people. Broken by our own leaders. Broken by the antics, greed and hubris of Malay political leaders lost in a world where self-interest and nothing else, matters. 

It is a world where these political pariahs take every advantage of any opportunity to make themselves some money.

Whether these political pariahs are stealing money from Tab–g H–i where Malays have saved their hard-earned cash in order to do their holy pilgrimage to M–ca, or getting commission and k—-acks in the purchase of C—d  v—-nes which are critical to the saving of Malaysian lives  – especially the most vulnerable Malaysians  – the old and those in the front lines fighting the pandemic by putting their own lives in danger.

Whether it is playing Russian roulette with the lives of our Armed Forces by purchasing sub—-nes and w–pons not fit for purpose that could result in the d–ths of our Armed forces or not providing them with Helicopters and weapons that they need to defend our nation and our people against any encroachments from without.

Our children’s education is disadvantaged by the hundreds of millions sip–ned from the Ministry of Ed—–on budget. Money allocated to buy solar panels, laptop, text books and the construction of schools to anything else that our children would need for their education – the contracts to supply these items are grossly inflated to pay off politicians and even the ex PM’s wife.

They even take money from suppliers of food and drinks for our students. There is simply no limit to what these political pariahs will do to make money.

And as if the education of our children is not sacred enough for them to leave alone, the Islamic religion is also a source of funds for these political pariahs. They have no shame, they have no sense of fairness and certainly, there are without morals and ethics in their greed for anything they consider of value for themselves.

And the most despicable of things they do is for P-S to use Islam to benefit their political pariahs. And as if it is not enough that these political pariahs steal, their wives, children, and extended family are also into the thieving. 

*I spit upon these political pariahs.* 

  • These political pariahs are still today free to roam and plunder our nation at will.  
  • All of them Malays. 
  • Most of them are old. 
  • All of them must be discarded and punished for what they have done in plundering our national coffers. 
  • What they have plundered from our coffers must be taken back from them and put to good use to help our nation get back on its feet and prosper.    

The narrative spun over and over again: that the Christians will destroy Islam, that the Chinese and DAP will take over the country, and that the Malays must have the political power to survive in their own Tanah Air is stale and are no longer relevant in the world the Malays live in today.

Let us get rid of these Malay political pariahs and banish them where they can no longer shame the Malays by what they do. 

We know who they are, and it is time that these political pariahs be held to account for what they have done to the Malays.

Whether they are Prime Ministers, Ministers, Menteri Besar, all those loathsome and despicable Yang Berhormats or those little Napoleons who think that being a Malay gives them license to behave in an obnoxious manner to other Malays, and anybody else that question their plundering of our nation’s resources.

*Let us start by making sure the Father of all Plunderers, N—b R—k, is in incarcerated immediately, to be followed by his wife, R—-h M—-r* and anyone else who has been the cause of the fall and fall of the Malays. 

*Today I am ashamed to call myself a Malay. Being a Malay means you have to take responsibility for what these Malay Political Pariahs have done.*

Today being a Muslim in Malaysia is nothing to be proud of because all these plunderers, thieves, and scammers are Muslim. 

  • The non-Malays do not have to tell us these things.
  • There are many Malays today who can think, and we know what Malays have done to our country. 
  • You do not have to tell us how much the non-Malays have contributed to the development of Malaysia. 
  • We Malays know. 
  • You do not have to tell us that Malaysia is also your home. That too, we know. 
  • And we know that the Malays have been left behind by the others because it is all there for the Malays to see.
  • The best politicians are not Malays. 
  • The least corrupted politicians are not Malays. 
  • The most hard-working politicians who deliver on their promise to their electorates are not Malays. 
  • But this much we Malays know.  
  • The most corrupted politicians in Malaysia are Muslims. 
  • The most arrogant politicians are Muslims. 
  • And the politicians who do not deliver on their election promise are also Muslims.

So there you have it, this nation of ours has been brought to its knees by corruption and the political shenanigans and devious duplicity of these Malays and Muslims. 

And you and I know that it will also have to be the Malays and Muslims who will have to work to get these political pariahs into the dock, to be tried, convicted, and incarcerated if there is to be any hope for our nation to survive past 2020.

Enough said,

a_ez k_an ali

aloq staq

My comments : Thank you dear writer. I really hope that you are a young person or that you are much younger than me. Because the first step to correcting the wrongs is to realise that wrongs have indeed been done. Only then can you correct the wrongs – which is Step 2. To do these things you need time. Not too much time but still you need time. Hence the young people, the young Malays must be made aware of all the nation’s wealth that has been stolen – usually IN THEIR NAME.

I fully agree with you that these crooks – usually they are big name Malays – must be brought to book. Before throwing them in jail, confiscate all the moneys and the wealth they have stolen. This may take 5 years, 10 years, 20 years etc but it must be done. 

Maybe many of them will be dead by then – good riddance – but we must go after their assets and their moneys that were ill gotten. This means their children and grandchildren will have a burden to bear. Their money was stolen. It does not belong to them. 

For example there is an elite group of these crooks who have bought properties in London – to the tune of hundreds of millions of Ringgit. That money was ill gotten – the rakyat’s money. These people must all be brought to book.  It may take some time and some doing – but it must be done. It will be done. 

This is to teach future generations of thieves that when you steal the duit rakyat or the peoples’ money the full force of the will of the people will come after you and your families. 

It would have been easier for you, your wives and families if you had robbed a bank or robbed a jewellery store.  The matter will end there. But when you stole from the people – when you stole taxpayer’s money – that is one poison pill you have swallowed that will remain toxic for you, your wives, your children and up to your grandchildren. 

One day there will be that knock on that door.  Tick tock tick tock. Your children and grandchildren will pay. Tick tock tick tock.

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