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BREAKING NEWS : Egyptian Checkmate In Gaza

  • Building equipment, sent by Egypt, arrive in Gaza June 4, 2021 
  • Entry of Egyptian construction equipment first time in Gaza  
  • Egypt ruled Gaza until 1967


  • dozens of Egyptian bulldozers, cranes, trucks enter Gaza last Friday 
  • Egypt planning to return to Gaza which it ruled between 1948 and 1967.
  • Egyptian decision to send building equipment and engineers to Gaza Strip 
  • Cairo’s pledge to reconstruction efforts 

President Sisi pledged US$500 million to help rebuild Gaza 
Hamas will not be able to resume rocket attacks on Israel
hard for Hamas to initiate another round of fighting when Egyptians inside Gaza 
Hamas and Islamic Jihad will get into trouble with Egypt
Egyptians have warned Hamas against fighting 
while Cairo rebuilds Gaza 

  • 1948 -1967 Egypt controlled Gaza Strip 
  • Egyptians administered Gaza through military governor.
  • Egyptians to return to Gaza 
  • to pave way for permanent Egyptian presence in Gaza 
  • Egyptians played crucial role in Israel-Hamas ceasefire on May 21

Gen Kamel, head of Egypt’s General Intelligence Service visited Gaza last week 
he met with Hamas and other Palestinian factions 
discussed maintaining ceasefire and reconstruction efforts
Kamel’s visit sign of Egypt’s intention to play major role in Gaza and Palestine 
Sisi wants to be heavily involved with everything concerning Gaza Strip

  • Relations between Egypt and Hamas strained 
  • 2013 Sisi deposed Morsi, outlawed Muslim Brotherhood
  • 2015 Egypt listed Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization
  • Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood charged with spying for Hamas and Iran
  • Egypt accused Hamas of helping Muslim terrorists who attacked Egypt 
  • PA President Abbas appreciates Egypt in Gaza 

My Comments :

Indeed what a checkmate.  

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