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China Builds 690 Foot Nuclear Submarine – Largest In The World


China also has the largest navy in the world. The PLAN or People’s Liberation Army Navy has over 350 major combat vessels. The US Navy has 290. 

There are some other major differences between the Chinese Navy and other navies, especially the US Navy. The Chinese Navy is still constructing new vessels at break neck speed. Recently the Chinese launched THREE major combat vessels on the same day !!

The Chinese are now able to build and commission (first steel cut to sea trials) an aircraft carrier in three to four years. Two aircraft carriers (Liaoning and Shandung) are already operational with No. 3 and No. 4 possibly already under construction. The US Navy takes at least 10 years to build an aircraft carrier. The British take longer – about 15 years. The Indians do not know how long it will take to build an aircraft carrier. 

The Chinese Navy has also begun ‘mass production’ of their super duper Type 094 C nuclear submarine.  

The Chinese Navy is said to have between 60 to 70 submarines, at least 10 of which are nuclear subs. The Chinese may eventually end up with at least 110 submarines in their Navy. That is a lot of submarines. The number of nuclear boats is increasing. In contrast the US Navy has about 70 submarines in service (both nuclear and non-nuclear). 

The other factor where China is making progress in leaps and bounds is in their technology. Chinese submarines are going from noisy, easily detectable to super quiet, super subs which is giving the US Navy serious worry. Chinese sources say that recently the US Navy sent 17 anti-submarine patrol planes,  flying round the clock to try to detect a Chinese Type 94C submarine engaged in a naval exercise.  The 17 anti-submarine planes could not detect the Chinese sub.

Chinese ballistic submarines are also being armed with new ballistic missiles which have extended ranges (significantly more than 12,000 km though exact range is not known). The ‘Big Wave 3’ missiles (9,000km to 12,000km) that were said to be “still under development” have already been overtaken by the even newer Big Wave 4 series (over 12,000 km). This makes the Chinese ballistic missile umbrella very large in area.    

What will China do with all this naval firepower?  Will China thrash the bullies? In its recent history China has been invaded by Japan, the United States, Britain, France, Russia and other European powers  (The Countries That Controlled China During The Age of Imperialism).  

It is not likely that will happen again. No Chinese Army has ever invaded any country where they drink tea with milk.

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