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Dont Call The AG A Traitor Lah, He Is Just St-p-d

  1. constitutional expert said not for AG to decide on motions in Dewan Rakyat
  2. professor Shad Faruqi: “Parliament’s power, privilege” to introduce a motion
  3. MPs may introduce any motion
  4. not issue for AG, you or me, it is an issue for Parliament, he said 
  5. AG said no need for PM to table confidence vote in Dewan Rakyat
  6. His comment drew criticisms
  7. opposition branding it “treason”, called for his resignation

My comments :  

The country is facing multiple storm fronts. The economy has already been almost mortally wounded by the indolent, the inept, the thieves and the crooks making policy. 

The ineptitude has lost them the confidence and the votes of their own people. Hence the present political debacle. They cannot understand that they have lost the majority support of the people, their own people.

Then we have been hit by the Covid pandemic – just like the rest of the world. 

We hope that maybe there will be one or two or (wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles) three who would exhibit an above average IQ or some hoped for intelligence.

Were they all dropped on their heads when they were babies? Didnt at least one mother get it right?

To the AG may I suggest a solution.  You can read and write. You have studied the Law.

Dont tell us what you think. Please tell us what the Law says. Tell us exactly what the Federal Constitution says.

Just point out the relevant Section, the relevant paragraphs, subsections etc in the Federal Constitution, in the Federal Laws which tell us what is the lawful and legal process to handling the situation.

Just stick to the Law. Apa susah sangat?

Then after that you can go back to the kedai kopi.

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