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Houthis Moving Closer To Capture Maarib; Britain’s Other War Crime


Meanwhile over in Yemen….

The British are bleeding the Saudis dry for the weapons and bombs that are being dropped by the Saudis on Yemen. The longer the Saudi bombing of Yemen prolongs the more money the British will make. It has been SIX YEARS since the Saudis started their ‘it will be over in two weeks‘ bombing campaign against Yemen. The British are no closer to helping the Saudis secure even half a victory in Yemen. 

Instead the Houthis have now crossed over deeper inside Saudi territory to reclaim Yemeni territory annexed by the Saudis in the 1930s. Here  is some news and a YouTube video:

Houthis Move Closer To Seizing Control In Northern Yemen

Last Sunday, Houthis in Yemen fired ballistic missiles into the strategically important city of Marib. The attack is a continuation of the Houthis’ months-long assault on Marib, the last stronghold in northern Yemen of the Saudi backed forces. Ihe Houthis are closer to assuming near total control over northern Yemen and its gas and oil infrastructure.

The Houthis, also known as Ansar Allah (Partisans of Allah), have managed to defeat a Saudi-led coalition of Arab states, including five Gulf Arab states, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, and Sudan, who began intervening in Yemen in 2015.

The ongoing bombing of Yemen by the Saudis has resulted in the deaths of more than 250,000 Yemenis overall. More than four million others have been displaced since 2014, according to the United Nations. 

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