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Iran On Fire : A Steel Mill Has Exploded, Another Oil Facility On Fire


  1. Yesterday, Saturday 6th June 2021, there was a huge explosion and fire at a steel mill in Iran. 
  2. Today (Sunday 7th June 2021) another oil facility at Ahvaz in eastern Iran has caught fire. 

Here is the news :

explosion, fire at Zarand Iranian Steel Company, eastern Iran  Saturday night
large blaze with explosion launching debris into the air
IRNA news reported large explosion 
fire at steel plant latest in series of fires that have plagued Iran in recent weeks
latest in series of similar incidents throughout Iran, according to Iranian media.

  • Last week, Iran’s largest naval ship, sank after destroyed by fire
  • last week massive fire at oil refinery in southern part of Tehran 
  • fires reported at number of petrochemical plants throughout Iran 
  • blast at Iran Aircraft Mfctng Industrial Company (HESA) produces drones
  • blast at Sepahan Nargostar chemical factory in Isfahan
  • Sepahan Nargostar factory producer of explosives 
  • Last year explosions and fires hit number of petrochemical plants

Here is the latest news about the blast at the oil facility in Ahvaz.

My comments :

The Iranians are doing two things : they are either not reporting these blasts (like the one inside the deep underground nuclear facility at Natanz) or they are blaming it on breakdowns, maintenance, the summer heat etc. 

The Iranians dare not say that these fires are due to foul play because that would be acknowledging that Iran is under attack (I strongly believe that Iran is under attack).

Plus the fact that the fires and explosions are continuous, non stop and that they do not know who is behind the fires will not only make the public panic but the Ayatollahs will lose whatever little credibility they have. 

The most obvious culprit is Israel. 

Other than the burning and sinking of Iran’s largest naval vessel last week, there is also a report that THREE of Iran’s Soviet-era Kilo class submarines have gone ‘missing’.  Damaged, broken down or sunk – but they are not around anymore. 

Minus a naval tanker and minus a submarine screen the Iranian Navy is vulnerable to more attacks including by submarines of other countries.

I think there will be a conclusion to these spate of fires – either Iran will negotiate with whoever is setting these fires and explosions or Iran can start a war against the culprits.

The problem is negotiate with who or start a war with who? They do not know who exactly are the culprits.

It is also interesting how these explosions and fires are being started.

The Natanz explosion was caused by explosives placed carefully at the nuclear facility’s primary and secondary power supply. Not only did they knock out the main power supply but they also blew up the backup generators – in the most securely guarded nuclear site in Iran built more than 60 feet underground.  How did the saboteurs manage to get through all that security?

What the “Israelis” are showing is that they can even remove the Ayatollahs underwear without the Ayatollahs realising it.  It is a very delicate situation for the Ayatollahs.

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