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Menghala ke Failed State : Empty Vaccine Syringes ?? Send Them To Jail.

This is not sad news. This is actually quite sick news. 

1.  The first one here is about some thugs forcing people to buy faceshields for RM10 at one vaccination center.

OSTB :  My question is who let these thugs operate there in the first place? Were any of the PPV people involved? Who is the director of the PPV at Bangi Avenue Convention Center? 

The public is already suffering so much from this Corona Virus. Friends and family are dying. Businesses and jobs have been lost. People are committing suicide. Adult Malaysians are lining up to get food packages. This is a difficult time.

Yet these thugs can force people to buy Faceshields at the PPVs. What is the Director of the PPV doing? Just call the Police and tell them to remove these thugs from harrassing the people.  

Ini bukan perangai negara Islam lah brader. Ini perangai negara Failed State.

The second news is even more frightening. Because this could endanger human life. 

2. Empty vaccine syringes. To avoid any confusion, I am reproducing the Media Statement by the Covid-19 Immunisation Task Force or CITF.

I have seen that video where that girl (tak pakai tudung, maybe Chinese) was NOT vaccinated. The vaccination staff just stuck a needle into the girl’s arm but did not squeeze the syringe through. That really looked like it was done on purpose.

And I have received that Facebook link where a Chinese fellow has complained that the vaccination staff stuck him with an empty syringe.

Ok first things first –  it is very dangerous to inject a person with an empty syringe.  Air bubbles can get into the blood stream and potentially cause death. This is from Google:

Emboli from injections or IVs are typically confined to veins, but if a bubble ends up in your arteries (which can happen if you have the double misfortune of air in your veins plus a fairly common congenital heart defect), then the bubble can block your coronary arteries or the blood supply to your brain.

If air bubbles enter your bloodstream, you can die of a heart attack or suffer a stroke in the brain area.

If you ask me any PPV staffers who inject air into a human being’s blood stream should be charged with attempted manslaughter or attempted murder.  This is serious. Jangan main-main.

The CITF media statement refers THREE cases:

 1. one case at the Sungei Petani, Kedah  drive thru vaccination center (17th July)

2. one case at the MITEC PPV in KL (17th July)

3. one case at the Bangi Avenue Convention Center PPV again – 18th July.  I say those thugs forcing people to buy Faceshields was also at the Bangi Avenue Convention Center. Who is the Director there? What is going on brader?  Tidur ke?  

My advice : 

I dont know if this is a coincidence or not but the cases I read about involved Chinese people.  The complaints were made by Chinese people. 

Ok lets be a little pro-active. This is Malaysia. Everything is race, race, race. Everything is religion, religion, religion. 

So even during unusual circumstances (like this Covid pandemic) we still have to anticipate race, race, race and religion, religion, religion issues.

At the PPVs we have large numbers of people of all races and religions not only coming together but interacting closely.  

Interacting so closely with so many people of other races and religions could be new for some folks.  

It is not impossible that some folks may feel kekok or awkward interacting with people of other races and religions. 

(If you do not believe me just listen to the politicians.)

The other day that video from Kedah showed those two Indian fellows clearly getting the short end of the stick when they called that State government help-line to ask for bantuan makanan Covid. They spoke Malay with clear Indian accents.  The girl just did not want to help them at all. 

So these things do happen. Like it or not, in Malaysia these are the facts of life. This is the reality in our country. 

So to the Government and to the people who run the PPVs please anticipate all these possibilities.  

Please put in place the procedures and the checks to make sure that all people of all races, all religions, all nationalities, foreigners (legal, illegal etc) all get treated with respect, regard and politeness and most importantly that they get properly vaccinated.  

Tolong guna akal sikit-lah. Kalau orang itu TIDAK disuntik dengan vaksin, orang itu berpotensi dijangkiti Corona Virus dan sebarkan Covid 19 di kalangan masyarakat kita juga.  Silap haribulan emak bapak atau anak dan suami/isteri kita yang boleh mati nanti. 

Ini bukan perangai negara Islam lah brader. Ini perangai negara Failed State.

Jadi buatlah kerja dengan betul.  

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