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Saturday Lite : Bontot grabbing case to proceed in Court

  • Sexual assault claim: Court orders to file defence 
  • suit filed July, sexual assault took place 2018  
  • sexually assaulted despite him rejecting and asking him to stop


Folks have you seen the details of the Court papers? 

In  this Round of Inflamed Intentions,  a significant ‘canto’ (canto  : a major division of a long poem) is the part about  ‘he grabbed my buttocks‘.

So when the case proceeds in Court I think the Media is going to be hearing and reporting plenty about  ‘he grabbed my buttocks‘.

The newspapers are going to become soiled – like used toilet paper.

So I was thinking if I could make some suggestions about alternative phrases instead of ‘he grabbed my buttocks‘ that may not necessarily numb the posterior against the prick (of the needle – gotcha) but more importantly may still get the message across to the readers.  

So here goes :

1.  dia raba bontot saya – ok, ok its too crass (lacking sensitivity).

2. bootie bustin’ – too Brokeback Mountain? 

3. he grabbed my backside – grammatically correct

4. he reached out and enfolded my posterior – (Mrs Chet Singh’s English class?) 

5. “No no je tem vous derriere” (this one please go to Google translate).

(Side note : I believe the two-word French ‘je-tem’ is the most efficient and most romantic  way of screaming ‘I love you’ at the top of your voice from across the highway, from across the river or from across the state boundary (rentas negeri).  

If you scream ‘I love you’ in English through a loudhailer from across the Klang River it may sound crude. But the finesse of ‘je-tem’ is not reduced by any loudness (my view only lah – feel free to disagree).  However it does not really apply in this bontot grabbing case.

In conclusion, this particular series of bontot and non-bontot cases (since the 2000s) are a permanent black mark on the so called civil society in Malaysia many of whom have thrown their support behind the bontot grabber and tried to reduce his bontot escapades into some minor, non-news-worthy pecadilloes.

This is a permanent record of the hypocrisy of our Civil Society, including those who visit the masjids and the churches. You are just hypocrites. More sadly you lack good moral values – which is also why this country has been sliding down the slope for some time. It is not just “those people” who lack moral values.

Yes “those people” are corrupted, immoral and are liars.  But so are you. It is worse when you call yourself Civil Society. Civil society my ass. 

And there are many, many among you – far too many who even try to justify the bontot fellow by saying ‘So what if he main bontot? Why are you so against homosexuality?’ 

This is the new norm in ‘human rights’.  LGBT is-in. LGBT no-sin. Gay is ok.

I have said this before and I will say this again – if you wish to screw the exhaust pipe of the Rapid KL Bus, please go ahead. I really dont care. Just make sure the engine is not running. You dont want to get your sausage charred.  

But there are a few points for you Civil Society hypocrites to ponder:

1. If you are so proud of it then why hide it? Just proclaim to the world ‘Yes that is me. I did it’.

2.  Why do you deny it? Are you ashamed when these young men expose these escapades? 

3.  It gets worse – Why do you try to deflect blame on others by accusing others of conspiracy against you?  Conspiracy kepala hotak apa? You did it and then you blame others.

For example that video was so crystal clear. The Police and the FBI Forensics Lab confirmed that the video was NOT A FAKE. It was a genuine video.  Why are you so embarrassed that it is you (or your hero) in the video? 

4.  Then there is the religion. (By the way Civil Society hypocrites, have you noticed that your bontot super-hero has absolutely not said a word against the latest sharia RUU proposals by those lebai retards? He keeps an elegant silence – just watch him closely. Leopards cannot change their spots.) 

Anyway he still claims to be a religious leader.  To all you “church people” who feel that you support him, do you know that there are regular “religious gatherings” at the fellow’s house?  To which you will never be invited. (If you are invited the discussion will switch to mild and benign.) I know at least one person who attends those ‘agama’ discussions in his house. He is the type who can develop skin rashes each time he sees a church building with a cross stuck on it.  Church people – it is you who preach that you just cannot dance with the devil. So why the exception? Hypocrisy? Dont say Syed Akbar never warned you.

5. Finally there is the wife. An angel of a woman, the gold standard of a wife’s absolute loyalty to her husband.  And in public office she performed super par excellence – I was astounded. My deepest regard and respect Puan. There are also children and family. So what did you tell them?  Or do you lie to them also? Is the wife given a tight one to shut her up? 

The case goes to hearing in the Court. What will be the defence this time?

Blame it on the secretary – like that other fellow in that other case?  

Civil Society hypocrites, do listen to the proceedings carefully.

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