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Sham Elections In Iran On 18th June – 25% Voter Turnout Expected, Ayatollah Candidate To Win

From Reuters.

By REUTERS   JUNE 10, 2021 

Iran has never organised free elections since 1979

totalitarianism, theocracy, supreme leader create voting spectacle
elections not in the normal sense of the word

  • Iranians refuse to participate in upcoming elections
  • online survey (May 27-June 3) show lowest voter turnout – 25% 
  • survey sampled 68,000 inside Iran, including 9,000 pro-Ayatollah
  • official numbers predict lower than 40%
  • many abstaining because “unfree, ineffective elections” 

sham elections Ayatollah regime’s sole remaining pillar of legitimacy

  • frontrunner is Ebrahim Raisi ultra-conservative head of judiciary 
  • responsible for executing thousands of political prisoners in 1988

Council of 12 appointed by Ayatollah plus Raisi approved candidates

April 2019 survey, 79% said no to Islamic Republic if free referendum

Iranian majority desire to get rid of theocratic system 

  • Worried about low turnout, Ayatollah said voting was religious duty
  • Ayatollahs need high turnout to sell image of legitimate government 
  • ordinary Iranians refusing to participate in political theater
My comments :

As you are reading this, two Iranian navy ships are on an epic voyage to Venezuela (or Cuba). It is actually a cruise to nowhere. One navy transport is carrying a load of oil, seven motorboats and some missiles. It is no more than a publicity stunt by the Ayatollahs for the sham elections.

What ALL dictatorships, autocrats and monarchies do not have and crave in huge quantities is legitimacy.  They are just not legitimate in the democratic sense of the word.  We can invent a new word to describe them – the illegitimacies. 

These ‘illegitimacies’ are never elected in free and fair elections.

In Iran, the Supreme Ayatollah Ali Khamenei chooses a Guardians Council of 12 people. This Guardians Council plus the Ayatollah then chose the SEVEN candidates who can run for the presidential elections. 

The Chief Justice of Iran is a member of this Guardians Council.   And get this, the Chief Justice Ebrahim Raisi is himself a presidential candidate for this year. And, he is touted to win on the 18th June.  It will be just another ‘I told you so‘ moment for these illegitimacies.  

(This is not too different from Atok not agreeing with the present Emergency but he wants to have it extended under a MAGERAN and then he wants to head the MAGERAN himself). 

Illegitimacy is a very dangerous thing.  Without free and fair elections the Ayatollahs will never have the comfort that they have the legitimate support of their people to rule. They cannot. Because they rule through dictatorship, autocracy, iron fist, violence and aggression.  Do recall that in November 2019 over 1,500 Iranians were shot dead by the Ayatollahs for protesting against them.    
So along the way they will do silly and stupid things to show to the Iranians that they are worthy of being the Supreme Rulers of Iran. For example :

1. The nuclear program (for a country that has the 2nd or 3rd largest reserves of oil in the world). 

2. Funding Shia militias all over the world.

3. Making empty threats to “push the Jewish people into the sea“. The Ayatollahs can make these threats because Iran is located 1,000 miles away from Israel.  If the Ayatollahs are located next door to Israel in Lebanon or Jordan, they will not be sleeping in the same bed twice.  Just like the leader of the Hezbollah – he has not slept in the same bed twice since the 1980s. 
4. Pretending to fight for Palestine and liberate the Al Aqsa Mosque.  Folks there is plenty of Shia literature that does NOT regard the Al Aqsa mosque as a “holy site”. After Mecca and Medina the Shia’s consider Kufa, Najaf, Karbala etc as the most holy sites for them.

The Shia Hezbollah is the Ayatollah’s proxy in Lebanon. The Hezbollah will never fight any war to liberate Palestine or the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Believe me on this. That will never happen. They may shoot rocket fireworks but it is not their intention to gain one inch of territory anywhere.

The Shia Hezbollah is nothing more than a propaganda and publicity tool for the Ayatollahs. To prove some legitimacy to the people back in Iran. 

The Hezbollah in Lebanon has no military or strategic value in Palestine. The Hezbollah is a propaganda tool for the Ayatollahs. That is all.

Back to the elections – the Iranian people are past their tipping point. The problem is there is no viable replacement in a post-Ayatollah world. 

Just like in the Arab Springs and even the recent protests in Thailand there is no properly organised democratic replacement in Iran that can take over the reins of government from the Ayatollahs and move the society forward.  This is the big problem. 

If they need help, this is the area where they will need help.  

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