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The previous Education Minister was sacked, the one before was also of not much use. They are all quite useless.

  • https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2021/07/19/useless-education-minister-radzi-must-go-says-zaid/
  • PETALING JAYA: Zaid Ibrahim called on education minister Radzi Jidin to resign
  • “deplorable” state of education in Malaysia.
  • no clear direction since Radzi given education portfolio
  • I think he is totally useless, he should resign 
  • no replacement for now-abolished Standard Six examination 
  • What do you do now, how do you benchmark ? The teachers asking this question.”
  • Another issue was recent announcement schools reopen in stages from Sept 1.
  • “just a way of saying nothing” 
  • PdPR – still lacking access to online classes.
  • 12,000 out of 150,000 laptops distributed 
  • country’s 500,000 teachers should be vaccinated asap 

My comments:

The previous idiot was a k_ldai pendek who spent our taxpayers money to give jobs to his religious extremist friends to take over our universities. He is also a strong supporter of Pintu Belakang and great friends with the Darul Ter_ris fellow from the north.  At last Atok Nyanyok fired him. 

So now we have this useless fellow. Hancurlah masa depan anak-anak tuan-tuan.

Tuan-tuan orang Melayu listen carefully. The future of the Malay children’s education is bleak. Very very bleak. 

Over the past 50 years you have (yes you) buried your heads in the sand about education.

The government schools have become like madrassah where more time is spent on religious classes than on maths and science.

The schools became incubators for Umno’s ketuanan Melayu and the geng lebai’s religious indoctrination. Even the history books are full of rubbish. Cerita dongeng boleh jadi sejarah pula !! 

At the same time children in other countries and from the other races spent more and more time learning science, mathematics and other useful modern subjects. 

The Tamil primary schools are now the top scorers in Science and Mathematics. The Chinese schools are a close second.  The Chinese schools have almost 100,000 Malay students enrolled – this is a sign of protest by Malay parents against the sekolah kebangsaan.

I strongly advise ALL parents to send your children to the Chinese schools. Kemungkinan besar anak-anak tuan-tuan tidak akan menjadi bodoh.

I really appreciate my good friend Dato Zaid Ibrahim’s strong stance against the present Education Minister. 

I say tuan-tuan ini bukan personal tahu. We have nothing personal against Jidin or kaldai pendek  dulu. But when you are a Minister, when you are paid a huge salary using taxpayers money and when you are responsible for the education of the entire Malaysian population, then you better know your job well. 

But here is the real problem – which education minister knew anything about his job? I am afraid none of them. That is why our education system is now in a mess.

Tuan-tuan, please use your common sense. Dulu our education syllabus (and also the system) was almost exactly the same as Singapore and the UK.  We followed the British education system.

Then in this country they changed everything. Cuba fikir ok – orang yang tak ada track record sebagai orang yang terpelajar atau yang mempunyai pengalaman dalam apa bidang pun, tiba-tiba sudah pandai bentuk dasar pelik, bangang dan bengong dalam semua hal.

Singapura tidak menukar sistem pendidikan mereka. Sehingga hari ini sistem pendidikan mereka almost exactly the same as 50 years ago. 

Why change something that was working very well?

Orang yang tak tahu ekonomi, bisnes atau finance tiba-tiba bentuk Dasar Ekonomi Bebal (DEB). Orang yang menjadi ‘1st generation literate’ (maksudnya ibu bapa mereka buta huruf)  tiba-tiba membentuk dasar-dasar pendidikan yang pelik dan dangkal. 

And it goes on and on. Everything in the country was changed – for the worse. 

So kita sampai-lah ke hari ini. 50 tahun kemudian. Education system sudah rosak. Ekonomi sudah rosak. Poo kanan dan poo kiri boleh jadi tajuk utama berita TV.  

You are doomed. 

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