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There is no more water and electricity in Lebanon ! Dont laugh.

Do watch this very short video:

That is the ‘no water’ news. Here is the ‘no electricity’ news from Lebanon This news is from September 23, 2021. Today is already 3rd of October. In the video above (which is dated today) the guy says there is already no more electricity in Lebanon. Here is the story from September 23rd 2021.

  • BEIRUT, Sept 23 (Reuters) –  total blackout risk end-Sept
  • fuel oil reserves dwindle.
  • Lebanon worst economic meltdowns of modern history
  • worsening fuel shortages 
  • Lebanese relying on private generators 
  • generate less than 500 megawatts 
  • high risk of total and complete blackout by end Sept
  • Iraq allowing 1 million tonnes of heavy fuel oil paid in goods and services.
  • heavy fuel oil not suitable but it is exchanged for suitable grade.

My comments :  Well beggars cannot be choosers. Iraq is giving Lebanon unusable heavy oil. They are dumping their heavy oil on Lebanon. The Lebanese must trade the heavy oil (most likely at a heavy discount) to buy better grade oil for the power stations. This means their cost of electricity will jump up even higher. The power company will still go bust. 

There is no money in Lebanon and the people cannot pay their power bills either. So the power company is going bust.  

The water company is also going bust. 

There is one state in our country where there is no clean water. For the past 30 years. 

So do not laugh at Lebanon. 

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