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Vaccination Rate Has Dropped By 100,000 Doses. WHY ?

Here is the latest news from The Edge. The vaccination rate has dropped from over 400,000 doses (on Tuesday 20 July 2021) to 299,593 doses yesterday the 21st July.

Here is The Edge :

KUALA LUMPUR (July 21): Malaysia administered 299,593 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine yesterday (July 20), down 29.5% from 424,936 the day before. This was the lowest number of daily doses recorded in nine days after over 300,000 to 400,000 shots were delivered previously. The latest seven-day moving average of daily doses fell to 393,097 from 410,947 on Monday.

OSTB : What happened? Why such a big drop?  Ismail Sabri announced yesterday that 14 million doses of vaccines will be sold to the private sector.

I say Ismail, please make sure there are enough doses for the Malaysian public for which we have already paid.  The taxpayer has already paid for our vaccines.

Please push the numbers back to 400,000 shots per day and higher.

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